For if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life. Rom 5:10 

Reconciled to God

Why in the first case reconciliation was necessary between God and mankind? Why there was any enmity at all?


God out of unexplainable, unfathomable love, created mankind into His image, breathed into them His own Spirit, gave them authority and dominion over the earth that He presented to them as a gift to rule and subdue, carefully commanded to them about the tree, and the enemy who might harm them; and that is why they should not give heed to him or eat the fruit of the tree. But the enemy's cunning words seduced the first family, thereby they ate from the fruit of the forbidden tree and the enmity began. 


Satan was already enemy to God; he was not able to bear that God has such blessing for the human kind. Out of jealousy, he created enmity between God and mankind and he knew that the Just God definitely has to punish, like the way he was punished, the mankind also has to be punished; he believed that they'll be permanently separated.


No way.

How would that ever happen? God loved mankind, you and I so dearly. He loves our love, He enjoys our company, He enjoys our fellowship, He enjoys our prayer, He enjoys blessing us, protecting us, giving us what we ask of Him; that is His great pleasure. So God made a different plan: PLAN FOR RECONCILIATION that was only possible THROUGH THE DEATH OF HIS SON.


Paul says, "if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son," The price for the reconciliation was the shedding of the innocent blood, the blood without any sin or blame, that was possible only with Christ. But God went to that extreme. Imagine how dearly He loves mankind; I cannot say mankind in general: you and me. His love for us, you and me, was ready to risk His own Son's life. Do we realize that, that God loves us this much!


And the Son also was willing to take up this mission because we are His brothers. That's why He gave us the right to call His Father our Father. We are God's own family. 

Paul continues: "much more, having been reconciled," Yes, friendship is once again reestablished. This time, once for ever, permanently. 


"we shall be saved by His life."

We got salvation, we got saved, we got reconciled by the very life that He sacrificed on the cross. The very moment He declared "It is finished", the enmity is finished; that we are under the spell of the enemy is declared null and void. 


What we need to do? We have to live with faith that Paul is sharing with the Romans. Today we are in a better position. We are in reconciliation with God; we have reestablished the friendship with God. Do we realize that? We should know the history of salvation as summarized in this reflection. Also we should declare that we are reconciled through His Son's death, we are saved by His Life. Then, we come into His inner-circle, where we have providence, where we have salvation, where we have revelation, where we have healing, where we have shelter. Let us take pride in being reconciled with God, and proclaim to the world that WE ARE FRIENDS OF GOD.


Abba, Thank You for this great mystery of reconciliation that you wrought by Your Son's sacrificial death on cross at Calvary. We worship You, we worship Your Son, we worship Your Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, make us realize in real that we are people who are reconciled, we are in fellowship with God, as we are going through great difficulties these days. Let this communion make us feel the nearness and dearness of God, that we may be able to be in His shelter, in Jesus' Most Powerful Name, I pray, Amen.