If you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are my disciples.” Jn 13:35

Love One Another

In today's world how do anyone identify that a particular person is the follower of Jesus or the disciple of Jesus? Maybe by his name or by the symbols he wear, or the church he attends or any of the pious activities he undertakes. But above all these things, there should be one thing that highlights the life of a disciple. 


Jesus did not want people just follow Him, or pray to Him, or believe in Him. Before He was leaving this world, He told His apostles to make disciples. Disciples are the ones who follow the footsteps of the Master. What is the greatest desire of the Master. His desire is "If you have love for one another" That is the watch word here, "Love."


"Then, everyone will know that you are my disciples." That is what He said very clearly.

Loving the other person. We are living in a world where people reduce their lives only with loving their own selves and their immediate neighbors, especially their own family. This cannot be called the life of a disciple. Life of a disciple should go beyond his own self and his immediate family. He has to love his neighbor. 

Who is the neighbor? Jesus Himself says in the parable of the Good Samaritan--the one who really is in need of your love, in need of your service, in need of your care.

If you extend your love to that person, then you will be known as the disciple of Jesus. This should be the aim of every believer in following Jesus Christ. If you are not doing that, whatever you do, God may not be happy about that. 


That's why we should be going out of ourselves, reach out to the man or woman who is in need and extend our love generously that they feel that they are been loved, they are been loved by the God whom you believe in, and thereby they also be attracted to follow Jesus, and sometime soon they become followers too, they become disciples too.


In the early Church, the believers were disciples. Their life was different from that of the world. Disciples had a different kind of living, and that attracted the neighborhood, and that is how they grew in number day by day. And today we need not followers but disciples. May we become one disciple who promote this kind of love as a path to reach out to the other human being. May God give us the grace of this love that we may be able to share with anyone and every one who is in need.


Abba, Thank You for loving us. Unworthy as we are, yet Your Son chose to love us and accept the punishment that was our due. Let Your Spirit give us the same Spirit and the mindset of Christ that we may be able to reach out to others as His own true disciples

and involve in their lives by loving in action, in Jesus' Most Powerful Name, Amen.